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Welcome to Academic Instinct Tutoring

Let's learn in a fun way!

  • Preschool to 8th grade

  • 1-on-1 Personalized Learning

  • Subject Tutoring / Homework Help

  • Early Literacy (Ages 2 - 4)

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

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1-on-1 Tutoring

Academic Instinct Tutoring Presents:


From June 3rd to August 24th

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Our Advantages


Students receive 1-on-1 support

1-on-1 support for every child. We build an educational atmosphere specifically for your child, customizing our approach to their learning style. We encourage their strengths, improve their weaknesses and pay special attention to their interests.


Social Emotional Learning

We are passionate about SEL and incorporate activities around your child's academic learning to help them to develop socially and emotionally. We also have services dedicated to SEL, where we focus on developing your child's emotional intelligence.


Online Learning

We're here for you even when you aren't here with us. Your child can learn remotely with us, from the convenience of your home and at the convenience of your busy schedule. Multimedia and interactive activities are used to ignite students to be independent learners.


In-Office Learning

At our office, many educational resources and fixtures are readily available, allowing us to diversify tutoring approaches in real time. These are used to ensure that each session is an exciting experience for your child, promoting their academic retention.


Parent-Tutor Collab

We believe it takes a village. We provide feedback and assist with creating strategies you can use at home to continue meeting their academic and social needs. We offer to communicate with your child's teacher and arrange meetings for you if necessary, to better understand the problems and create the solutions.


Creating Resources

This year, AIT has become committed to creating our own resources to enrich your child's academic and SEL growth, as well as empower you, the parent, to better meet their needs. As we increase the reach of our platform, we aim to provide you a solid foundation in your child's development.

What Our Clients Say

Arima helped my daughter a lot to get her ready for kindergarten. Arima always sets the goals and work toward achieving those goals using personalized strategies and tactics. Arima is very organized tutor, hard worker and can’t thank her enough for help.

A. Sadaoui

AIT Instagram Feed

 PreK-8th Tutoring
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Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

11AM – 6PM


9AM – 5PM



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