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About Academic Instinct Tutoring

Welcome to Academic Instinct Tutoring! We are a private tutoring agency and an educational brand in New York City. Our goal is to approach learning in a non-traditional, fun and effective way for each of our students! As an up and coming leader in early childhood education, we strongly believe in personalized learning, as we recognize that every child has a unique learning style. We assist students in attaining their personal academic goals, molding them to become independent learners and helping them to think differently and diversely in how they approach problems, both academically and in life.


In addition to academic support, we incorporate doses of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into our academic sessions to promote holistic development. We also offer SEL sessions that focus on the social and emotional development of our students and work on their emotional intelligence. Social emotional development and emotional intelligence are the aspects in one's character that affect how one healthily socializes, builds relationships throughout their life and how they learn emotional skills like self-awareness, compassion and empathy.


​Our belief is that no child is the same, therefore a single teaching method does not work for all. Our sessions are curated specifically to the student and their individual needs. We put value in building positive relationships with each child and their families, ensuring trust and dependability.


At this time, we service students from preschool to 8th grade with plans to expand to high school students in the near future.

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Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

11AM – 6PM


9AM – 5PM



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