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Kindergarten Classroom

Special Tutoring Programs

Our Special Tutoring Programs are distinct solutions to more distinct student needs. We will focus our approach to address the learning deficit in order to yield amazing results!

Early Literacy

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We focus on the fundementals and help your child develop the core pillars of early literacy:


• Alphabetic Principle

• Phonemic Awareness

• Phonics

• Word Recognition and Fluency

• Vocabulary

• Comprehension


Ensuring that your child has the foundation to meet and exceed their literacy level.

Online Tutoring

When remote learning is the best option, we take lemons and make lemonade. We assist students' learning progress through visual communication and online resources, while maintaining the engagement to keep students stimulated and focused.

Our strategies involve using a student's toys, games, interests and items in their own rooms to render educational opportunities from them. This keeps the session fun and interactive, while still being educationally effective, mentally stimulating and helping them to see their everyday items in a new way.

Online Tutoring for kids
Summer Enrichment Program, Summer Program, Summer Camp, STEM Class, Science Exploration Class, Robotics, Subject Learning

Summer Enrichment Program

We keep our door open all year round with our Summer learning program. Whether your child has to play catch up for the following school year or you just want them to be ahead of the game, we've got your back! We offer Subject Tutoring in ELA and Math, Science Exploration and STEM basics and STEM Robotics.  

During the Summer, our doors open earlier than they normally do for a bright and early start! Registration for our 2024 Summer Enrichment Program begins May 2024! 

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Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

11AM – 6PM


9AM – 5PM



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