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“Social Emotional Learning for Your Little Big Learner" by Arima Peters


The 1st installment of a 4-book series, where I take you on a perspective-shifting journey into my insights on social emotional development. In my 14 years as an educator, I’ve met so many little big learners with unique personalities, likes, dislikes, temperaments and learning styles, etc. While I taught them, every one of them had a lesson to teach me about early development and the psychology behind those beautiful little faces!


In this first book, I invite you to understand the concept and the necessity of Social Emotional Learning, where we’ll cover:


🧠 What Social Emotional Learning is and how to orient your perspective to see through the eyes of your child


🎯 Parental Strategies to implement SEL in your home


💬 Intentional Communication to connect deeply with your child


🗣 The Power of Language to raise resilient and confident children


♥️ How to effectively instill Empathy, the core attribute of emotional intelligence!


You’ll learn why child development is incomplete without SEL! 💯


What makes this guidebook a game-changer for parents? Let me tell you! 🚀




🔹 Comprehensive guide, packed with practical strategies and tips.


🔹 Interactive exercises and activities to engage both you and your child.


🔹 Research-based advice to navigate your child’s emotional minefield with social emotional learning at home.


🔹 Promotes empathy, resilience, self-awareness, and positive relationships in children.




🌈 Empowers parents to support their child's well-being.


🌈 Builds stronger family and community connections.


🌈 Equips you with the tools needed to successfully foster your child’s social emotional development.


Invest in your child's future today with "Social Emotional Learning for Your Little Big Learner"! Together, let's build a brighter tomorrow! 🌅

"Social Emotional Learning for Your Little Big Learner" by Arima Peters

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